Voluntary benefits

Hospital Indemnity insurance

Hospital Indemnity insurance

The Aetna Hospital Indemnity insurance plan pays benefits when you have a planned, or unplanned hospital stay for an illness, injury, surgery or having a baby. The plan pays a lump-sum benefit for admission and a daily benefit for a covered hospital stay. You can use the benefits to help pay out-of-pocket medical costs or personal expenses.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance

The Aetna Accident Plan pays benefits when you get treatment for an accidental injury. The insurance plan pays for a long list of covered minor and serious injuries. You can use the benefits to help pay out-of-pocket medical costs or personal expenses.

Critical Illness insurance

Critical Illness insurance

The Aetna Critical Illness Plan pays benefits when a doctor diagnoses you with a covered serious illness or condition, like heart attack, stroke, cancer and more*. You can use the benefits to help pay out-of-pocket medical costs or towards personal expenses.

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Our service is tailored to your needs. With network attorneys available in person, by phone, or by email and online tools to do-it-yourself or plan your next move — we make it easy to get legal help. And, you will always have a choice in what attorney to use. You can choose one from our network of prequalified attorneys, or use an attorney outside of our network and be reimbursed some of the cost.

Best of all, you have unlimited access to our attorneys for all legal matters covered under the plan. For a monthly premium conveniently paid through payroll deduction, an expert is on your side as long as you need them. When you need help with a personal legal matter, MetLife Legal Plans is there for you to help make it a little easier.

For added protection, your spouse and dependent children are also covered.

My Pet Protection

Insurance plans now feature more choices and more flexibility:

  • Get cash back on eligible vet bills
    Choose from three levels of reimbursement
  • Available exclusively for employees
    These plans aren’t available to the general public
  • Same price for pets of all ages
    Your rate won’t go up because your pet had a birthday
  • Use any vet, anywhere
    No networks, no pre-approvals
  • Optional wellness coverage available
    Includes spay/neuter, dental cleaning, exams, vaccinations and more