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VeradigmVeradigm Digital Wallet CardAllDownload
AetnaAccident InsuranceVoluntary insuranceDownload
AetnaCritical illness insuranceVoluntary insuranceDownload
AetnaHospital indemnity insuranceVoluntary insuranceDownload
AIGBusiness travel accident insuranceBTA insuranceDownload
Charles SchwabRetirement goalsFinancial SecurityDownload
Charles SchwabMaximizing your employer’s matchFinancial SecurityDownload
Charles SchwabRetirement checklistFinancial SecurityDownload
CAPTRUSTRetirement BlueprintFinancial SecurityDownload
CAPTRUSTFinancial wellnessFinancial SecurityDownload
Charles SchwabRetirement plan websiteFinancial SecurityDownload
Charles SchwabPre-retirement playbookFinancial SecurityDownload
Charles SchwabRetirement plan tax savings strategiesFinancial SecurityDownload
CignaCigna HSA Direct Transfer Request FormHealth accountDownload
CignaCigna Health Savings Account FAQsHealth accountDownload
CignaCigna HSA investment brochureHealth accountDownload
CignaHealthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies®MedicalDownload
CignaCigna MDLIVE Telehealth ConnectionMedicalDownload
CignaHealth Matters care managementMedicalDownload
CignaCigna Preventive health care – what’s coveredMedicalDownload
CignaCigna Where to get care – Know before you goMedicalDownload
CignaCigna Specialty Medication List (Tier 4)Prescription drugDownload
CignaCigna Specialty medications savingsPrescription drugDownload
CignaCigna Specialty medication couponsPrescription drugDownload
Cigna 90 NowCigna 90 NowPrescription drugDownload
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser HRA SummaryMedicalDownload
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser HSA SummaryMedicalDownload
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Mental Health and WellnessWell-beingDownload
MetLifeLegal experts on your sideLegal planDownload
MetLifeEstate planning at your fingertipsLegal planDownload
MetLifeIdentity managementLegal planDownload
MetLifeLegal plan overviewLegal planDownload
New York LifeReport a leave of absence or disabilityDisability/LOADownload
NationwideMy Pet ProtectionPet InsuranceDownload
MetLifeLegal Help Made EasyLegal planDownload
MetLifeLegal plan FAQsLegal planDownload
New York LifeLeave of Absence Checklist (for Associates)Disability/LOADownload
VeradigmNo Surprises Act summaryComplianceDownload
Veradigm24/7 Emotional support resourcesWell-beingDownload
VSPVision plan benefit summaryVisionDownload
VSPSee better for lifeVisionDownload
Health AdvocateHealth AdvocateMedicalDownload
Veradigm2024 Open Enrollment NewsletterEnrollmentDownload
Veradigm2024 OE Compliance NewsEnrollmentDownload
Charles SchwabEducation savings goalsFinancial SecurityDownload
CignaCigna Patient Assurance Drug ListPrescription drugDownload
CignaCigna Specialty Drug ListPrescription drugDownload
CignaDHMO Patient Charge Schedule (2024)DentalDownload
CignaKnow your numbersMedicalDownload
CignaLifestyle Management – Stress SuccessMedicalDownload
CignaLifestyle Management – Tobacco SuccessMedicalDownload
CignaLifestyle Management – Weight SuccessMedicalDownload
CAPTRUSTFinancial Advice ServicesFinancial SecurityDownload
KaiserKaiser High Deductible Health Plan FAQsMedicalDownload
KaiserKaiser HRA FAQsMedicalDownload
KaiserKaiser HRA overviewMedicalDownload
KaiserKaiser HSA overviewMedicalDownload
KaiserKaiser New enrollee flyerMedicalDownload
New York LifeBasic AD&D Insurance Benefit HighlightsLife InsuranceDownload
New York LifeBasic Life Insurance Benefit HighlightLife InsuranceDownload
New York LifeVoluntary Life Insurance Benefit HighlightsLife InsuranceDownload
New York LifeAdditional included programsLife InsuranceDownload
New York LifeShort-Term Disability Summary of BenefitsDisability/LOADownload
New York LifeVoluntary AD&D Insurance Benefit HighlightsLife InsuranceDownload

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2024 Open Enrollment:
Oct. 30 – Nov. 13

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Healthcare terms


A provider’s request to your plan administrator asking to be paid for a service you’ve received.


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) provides continued coverage of your health benefits if certain events occur that would normally result in the termination of coverage. Events under which COBRA continuation health coverage can be extended include job loss, reduction in hours worked, death, divorce and other life events. In most cases, coverage under COBRA may be extended for up to 18 months, though coverage may be extended to 36 months in some cases.


The percentage of the cost you pay for covered health care services, after you meet your calendar-year deductible.


The amount you pay out of pocket for health care each calendar year before the plan begins to share in the cost of covered services. All Cigna medical plans have separate deductibles for in-network and out-of-network care. What you pay for one doesn’t count toward the other.

Explanation of Benefits

After you get care, you’ll receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from Cigna, the claims administrator. The EOB provides information about how your claim was paid, including how much you owe or will be reimbursed.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

These are special tax-advantaged plans that you can use to pay for eligible expenses. The general purpose healthcare FSA can be used to pay for eligible medical expenses. The limited purpose healthcare FSA can be used to pay for eligible dental and vision care expenses if you have a Health Savings Account. The Dependent Care FSA can be used to pay for eligible care expenses for your dependents.


A list of drugs determined and maintained by Cigna or Accredo to use for the prescription drug program. The formulary is designed to assist physicians in prescribing drugs that are medically necessary and cost-effective.

Generic drugs

Approved by the FDA as a therapeutic equivalent to the brand-name drug; has the same active ingredient as the brand-name version but at a lower cost.


The facilities, providers, and suppliers Cigna has contracted with to provide covered health care services.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

A special savings account that you can participate in if you enroll in the HSA Base Plan. You save on taxes three ways with the HSA: no taxes on your contributions (including those from Veradigm), no taxes when you use the money to pay for eligible medical expenses, and no taxes on interest earned on your account.

Maintenance medications

Prescribed to treat chronic health conditions—such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol—and are taken on an ongoing, regular basis to maintain health.

Non-preferred brand

Prescription drugs listed under “non-preferred” generally have higher copays than preferred brand-name drugs.


Providers that are not in the Cigna network or have not contracted with Cigna and have not agreed to charge certain rates for certain services.

Out-of-pocket maximum

The most you’ll pay for covered health care services in a calendar year. Once you reach it, the plan pays 100% of the costs for covered services for the rest of the year.

Preferred brand drugs

These are drugs for which generic equivalents are not available. However, they have been on the market for a time and are widely accepted. They cost more than generics but are less expensive than non-preferred brand-name drugs.

Preventive care

All Veradigm medical plans provide preventive services at no cost to you if you visit a participating provider and claims submitted are coded correctly. Covered preventive care is based on your age and gender. Follow-up testing for a diagnosed medical condition will generally not be covered as preventive.

Specialty medications

These are drugs that are used to treat complex or chronic conditions that usually require close monitoring, such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and other conditions that are difficult to treat with traditional therapies. Specialty drugs are obtained from Accredo specialty pharmacy and may require prior authorization.

Beneft: Provider Phone Website
Benefits Service Center: AllCare 844.705.4101 website
COBRA: Businessolver 844.705.4101 website
General HR: Service Now website
Payroll: Service Now website
Health & Wellness
Dental: Cigna 800.244.6224 website
HSA Accounts: Cigna HSA Bank 800.244.6224 website
HSA Accounts: Kaiser Permanente 877.761.3399 website
Medical: Kaiser Permanente 800.464.4000 website
Medical: Cigna 888.806.5042 website
Prescription drug: Accredo Specialty Pharmacy (Cigna) 877.826.7657 website
Telehealth: MDLIVE (Cigna) 888.726.3171 website
Vision: VSP 800.877.7195 website
Financial Security
Basic Life & AD&D: New York Life/Service Now website
Business Travel Accident (BTA): AIG 877.244.6871 website
Disability/LOA: New York Life 888.842.4462
866.562.8421 (Español)
EAP: Health Advocate 866.799.2728 website
Investment Advice: CAPTRUST 800.967.9948 website
Legal Plan: MetLife 800.821.6400 website
Pet Insurance: VPI Pet Insurance 877.738.7874 website
Retirement Savings Plan: Charles Schwab 800.724.7526 website
Voluntary insurance: Aetna 800.607.3366
TTY: 711
Employee Mall: Abenity website

Digital Wallet Card

Imagine having all of Veradigm benefits contacts at your fingertips. Now, accessing our benefit partners through your mobile device is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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That’s all there is to it! Once the digital card is on your device, you can:

  • Find (and automatically link to) our benefit partners’ phone numbers, emails & websites
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  • Connect to the AllCare Benefits Service Center (with questions or assistance in enrolling/making benefit changes) and more!

If you have questions or need assistance, please enter a Benefits Service Now ticket.

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